Setup Instructions

These instructions were posted by ShadowM on this nt compatible forum on 2004-08-14. The Windows XP instructions below were provided by Oleg V. Bobryshev (Smiling Spectre, .

Instructions for getting it installed and working:

  1. Download game from this website
  2. Extract, run 'setup.bat', wait for it to finish, then move it all to c:\magic\Program
  3. Double-click magic.reg to make sure it gets into the registry (setup.bat tries to do it but might not succeed).
  4. Download the unofficial 1.3.2 manalink patch*.
  5. Extract and install the patch (it expects MTG to be in c:\magic\Program).
  6. After that's all done, you can move it where-ever you want, and just run magic.exe to run it.

* Please Note - In order to successfully run MtG under WinXP you must have the unofficial 1.3.2 manalink patch. This patch can be installed directly only on Duels of the Planeswalkers (version 3.0 of MtG). If you have an older version, you must before update your manalink. Instructions for upgrading from an older version of manalink are provided in the patch's readme.txt.

Important tips:

  1. Use Y/N to buy cards in town (not a problem if you're runnig WindowsXP and using the fix below).
  2. If when switching between areas you find yourself with a blank screen simply left click once and the graphics pop right up.
  3. If you receive "Could Not Load Dave's Extra Cool Timer" error after all of that, it means, that patch was not applied correctly. Try to install it into any (empty) directory and than replace files manually in the original MtG directory with new files from the patch.

Updated Windows XP Instructions

Below are the instructions for fixing this game on Windows XP provided by Oleg V. Bobryshev using the Application Compatibility Toolkit. If you find them too complex, you may simply install Oleg's own pre-configured fix: MagicGatheringFix.rar, after first installing the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit! Please note, Oleg's fix sets your resolution to 800x600 for this application, but you may edit it up to 1024x768 as described below under "Screen Resolution Warning!".

  1. Download the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (available from, shortcut: English Download, April 2007). Install it.
  2. Run Compatibility Administrator Tool.
  3. In "Custom Databases" add new fix (button "Fix" on panel). Now you must fill in all fix properties.
    • Page "Program information". Here you must enter name of fix (it can be anything. MtG, for example :)) And main program file location (Shalandar.exe file. F:\My\Magic\Program\Shalandar.exe, for example). Press "Next" after each step done.
    • Page "Compatibility modes". Select "None".
    • Page "Compatibility fixes". Select only one fix: "NoGdiBatching".
    • Page "Matching information". Append here all program executables: button "Add". Then you must select all files one by one: Deck.exe, Magic.exe, Manalink.exe (and Duel.exe if present). Notice, that you can add only one file per time, so you must repeat this step three times (or four times if Duel.exe is present).
    • Press "Done" – and you are finished creation of fix! :) But for it work it must be installed.
  4. Save your database (button "Save" on panel).
  5. Select "Install" from "File" menu or from right click menu for your database.

That's all! Now you can close Administrator and play MtG. :) It, as far as I know, fixes all bugs, include text missing – at least, I never seen them :) – except two minor:

  1. Village screen not appears when you leave and return to it (Buying cards, talking with Wise man, etc.). But it still appears after left click.
  2. Menues on start is too fast on decent machines – it can't be selected with mouse, at least, if you haven't lightning reflexes. :) But cursor keys + Enter works fine.

Screen Resolution Warning!

If you have screen resolution above 1024x768 MtG will generate error on the any card screen. The game only supports displaying cards at 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768.

You have a few options. You can manually switch to 1024 or lower resolution before starting the game (the manual switch can be aided by using a tool such as Resolution Changer SX2), or if you've been following along with the Compatibility Toolkit, you can add another patch to the same database that you used above:

  1. Open application "Compatibility administrator" in expert mode. It can be done with "Compatadmin.exe /x" (make modification in link or use command prompt).
  2. Open database with previous fix.
  3. Use menu Edit-Modify-Edit Application Fix. If last entry not active, select in right pane upper string (shandalar.exe).
  4. Go to (with "Next" button) to page "Compatibility Fixes".
  5. Found Fix "ForceDisplayMode". Select it and mark for use.
    1. Press button "Parameters". Window "Options for ForceDisplayMode" will be open.
    2. In upper string (which titled "Command line") print 1024,768,32 (or 800,600,32 if you want. I personally prefer 800x600, because I have CRT with bad refresh rate for 1024). Press OK.
  6. Press "Finish"
  7. Press "Save" button on main panel
  8. Press right mouse button on database name and do "Install"
  9. Close Compatibility administrator.

Here's how you can connect two computer to play MicroProse's Magic: The Gathering over a LAN. Instructions provided by Bill Roth from Michigain.

  1. Apply ManaLink patch 1.3.2 to all computers
  2. Turn off firewalls on computers (not recommended unless you are on a private LAN)
  3. Select a PC to be the host pc and check IP address of machine.
  4. Fire up Magic: The Gathering program (my ManaLink autoruns) on host pc
  5. Right click on manalink and chose open
  6. Highlight "internet" and click connect.
  7. After a couple of seconds, a "locate session" box will appear, leave this blank and click OK
  8. The Manalink dialogue seen in step 6 will show up again and have your user name in it
  9. Fire up Magic: The Gathering program on other pc's
  10. Right click on manalink and chose open
  11. Highlight "internet" and click connect.
  12. After a couple of seconds, a "locate session" box will appear, enter IP address of host machine and click OK
  13. The Manalink dialogue seen in step 11 will show up again and have your user name and the host user name in it
  14. Invite someone to play and get rolling.

The PC Game

This Magic: The Gathering circa 1997, the card set is 4th edition and earlier! You can create decks and play them against the AI. Or you can enter Shalandar, a fantasy adventure world where you fight duels for ante, and build decks from your spoils.

The Site

This is an abandonware website built to host this old game. Other people have been kind enough to write detailed setup instructions for operating systems up to Windows XP. Since I was not the person who even wrote the instructions, I do not offer support beyond these pages.

Magic: The Gathering is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast. This is a non-profit site for the personal entertainment of myself and my friends.