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I started offering this download when Home of the Underdogs got stolen by cyber-squatters. It is available free of charge as abandon-ware, but I offer no support. Please follow the instructions on this website for Windows 2000 or XP. If you need additional help visit the nt compatible forum where the people who wrote the instructions hang out.

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What sets were around when you played? For example, I played from The Dark through Ice Age. Maybe you played during Urza's Saga, Invasion, Kamigawa, or Time Spiral. Maybe you still play.

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The PC Game

This Magic: The Gathering circa 1997, the card set is 4th edition and earlier! You can create decks and play them against the AI. Or you can enter Shalandar, a fantasy adventure world where you fight duels for ante, and build decks from your spoils.

The Site

This is an abandonware website built to host this old game. Other people have been kind enough to write detailed setup instructions for operating systems up to Windows XP. Since I was not the person who even wrote the instructions, I do not offer support beyond these pages.

Magic: The Gathering is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast. This is a non-profit site for the personal entertainment of myself and my friends.